I have NetResident set up to start monitoring only when the application is running, and not to start with Windows. I noticed that after I shut down NetResident, the service process, "tfsnrs.exe" continues to run in Task Manager. Why does it continue to ru
Running the service and monitoring are different things. The service must be active at all times to be able to "talk" to the GUI. This doesn't mean that the service is capturing data at all times. It is capturing data only on demand. In theory, if the application is configured to capture data only when the GUI is running, one could start the service when the GUI starts and stop it when the GUI stops, but starting the service is a bit slow and, most importantly, that cannot be done remotely, when the service and GUI are running on different machines. That is something we plan to implement in the future. The fact that the service is running in the background shouldn't worry you because when it's not monitoring the network it doesn't consume considerable system resources.
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