Some of the channels in the scanner options window are grayed out. Is this normal? What if I want to monitor these channels?
Depending on your country, your wireless adapter may not support all the channels shown in that window. The channels that are available for use in a particular country differ according to the regulations of that country. In the United States, for example, FCC regulations only allow channels 1 to 11 to be used in the 802.11b/g/n band. The firmware of the wireless adapters being sold in the US is typically configured to disallow channels 12 and 13. This is not always convenient, as you may need to travel to other parts of the world and be able to monitor locally available channels with CommView for WiFi. You may want to purchase an adapter locally, but you can also use a utility that allows you to change the regulatory domain and country code for some adapters. Before downloading and using this utility, please note:

  • Overwriting regulatory domain may permanently damage the device. Proceed at your own risk.
  • Chaging regulatory domain may not be legal in your country. Consult your company's legal department.
  • No technical support is available for this utility.
  • You must install the driver that comes with CommView for WiFi prior to using this utility.
  • This utility works ONLY with adapters based on the Atheros chipsets.
  • This utility does not support USB adapters. When you use USB adapters, CommView for WiFi enables all the channels supported by the hardware, so you don't need to change the regulatory domain.

To download the utility, click here. For non-Atheros adapters, enabling channels 12 and 13 may be possible through some configuration changes. Contact us if you need assistance.
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